Need Instagram exposure? Work with Nano-Influencers instead.

Nano-influencers are just ordinary people like you and me. And still, they can become a crucial part of your marketing toolkit, whether you are a global brand or small local business.

Today, every child knows who the influencers are. These are the essential people on Instagram, celebrities who have millions of engaged followers. The appearance of your brand in their posts means that millions of people will see it. People likely buy the product or service on their recommendation. That's why many brands and businesses big and small pay a top dollar to advertise with influencers these days.

Regardless of all the apparent benefits that ads made with influencers can provide, there are also disadvantages. The first is the price. The higher the audience of the influencer, the more expensive the collaboration will be. The second is the apparent commercialization and loss of sincerity that joins fame and influence. More people begin to consider them false and no longer believe them.

Besides, average income customer experiences difficulties associating with the rich and famous. It is the reason why recently the micro-influencers that have less audience were at the top of the social media marketing trends. However, now there is something new, called nano-influencers.

Who are the nano-influencers?

Nano-influencer is not a world-famous or an ultra-rich personality. He is an average social media user who has an attractive Instagram account. The number of followers that this person has is not large: one thousand or several thousand. How can such a small account be useful?

Generally, such a large number of followers of the average person means that the content is attractive and that the person has some authority in the local community. Many of his followers are his acquaintances, but his posts can be interesting for strangers too.

Nano-influencers are not professional social media marketers. However, they do know how to make their accounts engaging, through attractive images, exciting discussions, or educational value that meets the needs of a particular audience group. They also know how to use the appropriate hashtags that increase the visibility of their publications for a wider audience. These people like to show what they bought, the place they visited, and the service used, and they share the experience with the audience.

They dig up the interests of your target group.

Each brand that sells products or services must understand what their target audience wants. However, who will know better than a representative of this audience? These are average people, and their needs are close to the needs of other people in their target group. Nano-influencers can help you target your potential customers and find new ways to amplify your brand and increase your sales with Instagram exposure.

They are ordinary people and are easier to relate.

Maybe with nano influencers, fewer people will see your brand, but there are possibilities to improve sales and get new customers committed. The case and the story of an ordinary person who tried a product or went somewhere are useful for many other regular internet users. They want to try something that was tested and praised by a nano-influencer because it is a person just like them.

It will not cost you much

These people will be happy to receive free products and a small payment.

What are the possible problems?

The main objection of some marketing pros about nano influencers is the difficulty in tracking the efficiency of an advertising strategy of this type. It's much easier to manage a macro-influencer than twenty nano influencers. The study of effectiveness is an essential part of marketing in social networks that helps develop better sales strategies.

There may also be problems with the limited audience if their products do not meet their expectations. However, you can mitigate these problems with an intelligent approach and a negotiation with the influencer.

Marketing through nano influencers is a new valuable tool in social media marketing that can increase your sales. This strategy will not make your brand famous, but it will help you find new customers in your local area.