Pinterest is improving its proposal to advertisers

Pinterest has been refining its proposal, improving its advertising business and how buyers conduct campaigns to capture more money from agency budgets.

Pinterest created a name as an inspiration destination, placing it somewhere between a search and a social platform. But this combination of the two has been one of the reasons why marketing agencies have not invested so willingly.

Now the platform is clarifying it by highlighting its search capabilities. During a visit to GroupM Essence media agency in October, Pinterest's speech focused on how to apply search keyword targeting strategies, such as those used to plan Google search campaigns. In general, excluding specific keywords or including generic brands would be part of a three-month media plan, compared to a shorter product-based campaign that could be located on other social platforms. "For the past two years, Pinterest has been popular with fashion, retail and technology brands, but it has never been an always active or basic element," said Deborah King, vice president of social media activation networks in Europe. , Middle East and Africa, in Essence. "In the last six months, with us, it has been clearer and more aggressive with the search narrative than with the social one. They have focused much more on where they sit in the funnel, they see themselves as a platform of consideration ". Essence executes keyword search strategies for several months in several of its clients, instead of unique campaigns, recently began working with the beauty brand L'Oréal and retailer Argos King speculates that a change in its tone also reflects where It sees growth after several years of trying to capture social budgets, when it cannot compete with the price of CPM and the audience scale of Facebook and Google. "If positioned correctly, it can create opportunities for product discovery and capture the intention, a full funnel marketing channel," said Paul Kasamias, managing partner of the Staris agency at Publicis Media. "Product markers" spread to Stran and show a clear intention or interest, and are perfect for directing e-commerce messages. "The Pinterest attribution window is much longer than most customers would measure. Users who plan weddings would need more than a seven-day attribution cycle. "We have seen that by linking the Pinterest ecosystem with the sites of Advertisers there is a decrease in performance, which presents a challenge of attribution with respect to electronic commerce in particular. "Kasamias added.) In the United States, the platform is testing new conversion tools. Starcom has seen strong advertising performance for primarily retail and food customers. A video advertising product, which Pinterest calls maximum width, where it expands A promoted video works particularly well, Kasamias said, "the biggest barrier to investment is the perception that assets should be very different, that assets should be ready or visual blogs," he said. "The content of the advertiser is an area in which Pinterest must focus to continue seeing media spending grow, this is an area in which Facebook, Twitter and Snap have invested creative resources." In the United Kingdom, Pinterest is still in growth mode. On LinkedIn, there are 30 Pinterest employees in the UK, with seven other vacancies for positions that include a country manager, agency relations and measurements. Advertising spending is growing but at a slower pace than the US market. UU. Reach saturation. Globally, the platform is forecast to reach almost $ 1.5 billion in advertising revenue by 2020, of which $ 1.3 billion comes from the US. UU. UU., Where it has 86 million users, according to eMarketer. In part, the fault of a lower investment in the United Kingdom is the lack of non-US case studies, which buyers struggle to apply to the UK market with cases of brand and user behavior so different. "You almost grow up or go home with Pinterest," King said. “The most important customers will always use it, but trying to run tests makes it really difficult to live quickly. And if the results are not always spectacular, it is difficult to justify the ROI. "