Nano-Influencers: Who They are and their Significance to the Business

The article dedicated to the rising importance of relatively new concept of the nano-influencers in the influencer marketing and their emerging attractiveness to every business.

Influencer marketing is a fairly recent conception and, since its outset in social networks, marketing specialists have been overtaking with the flow.

Whether it’s Instagram rearrange their algorithm, the FTC and ASA contain the disclosure, or the permanent efforts to guarantee that the content of their influencer is natural and genuine: that is a Business where a lot of experts go to the office feeling that they are constantly behind.

But there is a small chance that we all be here if that didn't work. Right?

We used to glorify those influencers with hundreds of thousands, or actually millions of followers, and we would give them far more money to promote our products. But who would say NO to obtain the access to the large-scale audiences online for a fraction of cost that the TV or other traditional commercials would charge?!

Subsequently it took five years for brands to recognize that relationships with influencers required to be bigger than one-time transactions of product and payment in exchange for a sponsored post with the brand’s control and a few campaign hashtags. Since the increase in significance of reliability, honesty, and fullness in our marketing campaigns, the rise of necessity in powerful connections amongst the content creator and the brand for the last one to stand out. If not, both parties provide the consumer with false information. And honestly, no party wins out of these exchange.

Pleased to introduce the nano-influencers

When everybody struggle to adjust their strategies from macro-influencers to micro-influencers (meaning having number of followers in the range between 10,000 to 100,000) lets jump to the next tier category. We can overcome the crowds and be on the front row of the new trend where people will be in a year from now.

Introducing nano-influencers. Have you heard of them? I will be not surprised if not. Nano-influencers characterized as regular social media users with audience sizes ranging from a few hundred followers on Instagram, up to 5,000.

This is the course for the industry for the next a couple of years. Despite millions of micro-influencers to choose from, when you discard those that don’t fit your brand, have demographics thats not lined up with your target market, have fake followers and engagement, or just aren’t interested in your product, all of a sudden your choices are way more restricted than you initially expected.

There are over 1 billion active monthly users on Instagram right now - meaning there’s an abundance of potential nano-influencers for your business to collaborate with. More than you’ll ever require to promote your business.

Micro-influencers aren’t all that

That is a big discovery WHY nano-influencers are the future. Majority Instagram users within North America aren’tfollowing celebrities, macro or micro-influencers. They’re following their friends, family members, coworkers, and classmates. Many people don’t care enough to pay attention to what Kardashian just had a baby or which Bachelorette has been voted off the show. They care about themselves and the people they know and love. That simple!

Do you know how to tap-into these audiences? Very easy steps to follow-through. You find cousin Sarah who has 934 followers, an esthetically attractive Instagram feed and an interest in health and fitness with a degree in nutrition. You build a connection with Sarah, accept her on board with your campaign. The is a good probability that she interacts with a big part of her 934 followers in-person.

Bringing influencer marketing offline

Whilst influencer marketing is word-of-mouth online, there’s nothing wrong with the old fashioned word-of-mouth! You can encourage your nano-influencer partners to expand awareness of your brand in offline interactions. We all realize there is low chance that micro-influencer interacts with her 50,000 followers offline - the majority of her followers will only know her through what their eyes see and read on the screen their phones.

Not only do nano-influencers permit you to tap into the audience pools that aren’t following micro-influencers or celebrities, but they stimulate offline conversations around your brand because these nano-influencers ARE ACTUALLY interacting with the people who follow them.

5 Reasons why you should care about nano-influencers

  1. Nano-influencers are not give-away, they’ve not been addressed by variety of brands. You business won’t be one of many promoted on their page — you’ll either be one of few, or one of one.
  2. Their egos aren’t inflated. They don’t have a media kit, they aren’t looking for six-month sponsorship contracts — they’re happy to get some free product in exchange for access to their audience.
  3. They’re as genuine as it gets.
  4. You’re getting access to untapped and unsaturated audiences who haven’t been exposed to influencers or the brands they’re promoting all the time.
  5. While there are array of micro-influencers, there are exponentially more nano-influencers. Meaning the probability of saturating this segment is next to unattainable.

At the same time it’s not all good and easy as it seems…

One is obvious that nano-influencers are not that competent as micro-influencers. They haven’t collaborated with lots of brands and they might not know the ways to have the traffic go through from their post to your Instagram page and ultimately to your website. They might not know or appreciate the use of branded hashtags, or understand how their account insights can increase the engagement of your sponsored content.

As a marketer, you can easily show a nano-influencer how to better promote your brand on social media during the adaptive process. Influencer marketplaces and platforms are excellent, but you yet mast to know how to do it in-house and have the human capital to move off. Keeping in mind that with Facebook’s API restrictions, these influencer platforms will never have large databases of nano-influencers. You’ll need to know how to find them yourself through searching hashtags and location tags.

Nano-influencers are the future of marketing

In theconstantly transforming industry of Influencer marketing the best position to be three steps ahead than walk along with everyone else and then break through the crowd. Nano-influencers are the future of not only influencer marketing, but the marketing world in general.

American Businessman, Scott Cook said, “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is — it’s what consumers tell each other it is.” If you want a level of control on the conversation that happens between consumers authentically, you need to encourage the powerful voices of nano-influencers to get them on your side.There’s far too much going on out there to expect that your brand’s voice will be heard every time you send out a tweet or upload a post to your Instagram feed. But in this digital age where social media rules the world, one thing that’ll never go out of style is a face-to-face conversation: BETWEEN YOU AND I. And that is the most honest truth.

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